Hewlett Packard Enterprise SSD 800GB SFF SAS MU DS SC

884,33 EUR Canon Inc. / Sin IVA.
Substitute HDD Qualification Procedure

When fulfilling a service spares order, customers may receive a hard disk drive that is different from their original. Substitute devices are necessary as older technology products reach end-of-life and are no longer available on the market. The HP HDDQ process consists of sophisticated, vigorous testing to ensure that disk drive substitutions are compatible with customers' systems. Customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that HP has developed and maintains one of the most disciplined and well-structured testing processes in the industry. With superior qualification and testing, HP is able to offer a three-year pre-failure warranty on HP SCSI hard disk drives.

The differences between the original and substituted product may be in spin speed, capacity, interface, or all of these.



P04527-B21, 822786-001, 872506-001
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884,33 EUR Canon Inc. / Sin IVA.

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